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Also, it is highly recommended that students have successfully completed course work involving policy and network security. Masters of science in systems architecting and engineering. The ms in mechanical engineering degree provides the technical education needed for engineering professionals in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy and power, utilities, petrochemical, design, manufacturing, and transportation. The program is a unique undertaking that builds on already strong engineering, business, and regulatory training programs at usc, augmented by practical experience of various faculty through the recently endowed alfred e. Engineering is the enabling discipline of our time. Consistently ranked among the top 10 engineering schools in the united states, the usc viterbi school of engineering is achieving new heights through research and educational leadership in crucial realms of technology and innovation.

The usc materials science and engineering program was established in 1967. While the field of mechanical engineering encompasses this broad set of technical areas, this. Visit usc viterbi usc viterbi undergraduate admission. The program requires completion of a minimum of 27 units, with at least 18 units at the 500 level, and a cumulative gpa of at least 3. The college of engineering offers an multidisciplinary executive format masters degree in engineering management that allows working professionals to complete the degree, including thesis, within 24 months, without leaving their current job. Bachelor of engineering civil honours university of. Engineers who specialize in this field work to eliminate wasted time, money, materials, manhours, machine time, energy, and other resources that do not generate value. Advanced degrees in astronautical engineering for the space. It is customary for students to download, print, and bring to class meetings. Ray irani chair in chemical engineering and materials science and professor of chemical engineering and materials science, biomedical engineering, electrical and computer engineeringelectrophysics, aerospace and mechanical engineering, and chemistry. The university of southern california admits students of any race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or mental disability.

Students from other engineering backgrounds may have the opportunity to be admitted to a special expanded 37 unit version of the m. The usc dornsife spatial sciences institute offers a comprehensive selection of online graduate gis programs, giving students the flexibility to advance their knowledge and skills in the way thats best suited for their careers and previous experience. While in residence at usc, you are also expected to. Please visit the viterbi graduate admission page for more information on the application process. The general requirements are outlined in the university catalogue and the school of engineering bulletin. If you have any additional questions, please call 8776509054 to speak to an enrollment advisor. Viterbi students enjoy stateoftheart laboratories, classrooms, and live internet broadcast systems. Epstein department of industrial and systems engineering offers a strong curriculum taught by world renowned and dedicated faculty. A maximum of 4 units may be taken from approved 400level courses in either electrical engineering or computer science. The master of science in finance allows students to earn a graduate degree over three terms, beginning coursework in the summer and finishing the following may. Computer science and engineering college of engineering and. The universitys full nondiscrimination policy can be found on the web at c. Master of science usc viterbi ming hsieh department of.

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. The masters program in aerospace engineering requires completion of a minimum of 27 units, with at least 18 units at the 500 level, and a cumulative. The program of study depends upon the students interests and background. There is a one year fulltime track which consists of w class at time, while the two year parttime track consists of one class at a time. Usc viterbi department of astronautical engineering. The epstein ise department offers eight master of science degrees. Emphasis is on the creative process by which these systems are conceived, planned, designed, built, tested, certified, used and retired. The master of science in engineering management msemt program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in engineering or related sciences to prepare them for management responsibilities. Below are sample course plans for residential students. The master of science in mechanical engineering energy conversion is part of the sustainable infrastructure systems program which prepares students for immediate and effective participation in the modern infrastructure workforce through a common core that includes smartsystem design for sustainable infrastructures, the societal and regulatory context of. This program is recommended to graduate engineers and engineering managers responsible for the conception and implementation of complex systems. Simultaneously search across 3 large engineering databases, or select a single database to search.

Viterbi school of engineering usc graduate admission. Usc viterbi school of engineering viterbi admission and student engagement. All students interested in cs must apply directly to the program. For more extensive information such as course requirements for the usc industrial and systems engineering department masters program, you can download. Ms in systems architecting and engineering usc viterbi.

It is a graduate program granting master of science, doctor of philosophy and engineer degrees. Master of science in engineering management usc online. The usc viterbi school of engineering provides its 3,300 graduate students with advanced studies in over 25 fields. With a degree in engineering or science, you can use your passion for discovery to drive advances in the environment, technology, health, business, and more. Since inception of these rankings, the usc viterbi program has been ranked in the top 5 programs nationally. Ms in mechanical engineering usc viterbi prospective. Led by a usc admission counselor, this onehour session is designed to help students prepare to transfer to usc. Building science at usc recognizes that exemplary architecture requires a creative response to natural forces, based on informed good judgment in the areas of architectural technology. Academic programs usc viterbi undergraduate admission. The master of science in systems architecting and engineering is an interdisciplinary program administered by the department of industrial and systems engineering in cooperation with the departments of aerospace and mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and the usc marshall school of business. The best engineering schools offer graduate programs designed to deepen engineering skills and expand career options.

Usc viterbi school of engineerings industrial and systems engineering courses ise deal with the optimization of complex processes, systems or organizations. Software engineering the master of science in computer science software engineering focuses on providing its graduates not only software development skills, but also systems engineering, customer collaboration, and management skills necessary for nonoutsourceable careers and for leadership in software engineering. Engineering management university of south carolina. The class of honours to be awarded to a student is dependent upon. The dclearance process ensures that students have completed the required. Professor of biological sciences and biomedical engineering. Msce structural engineering usc viterbi sonny astani. These sessions cover general information about transferring to usc, along with more specific information about the engineering school. Includes articles, patents, conference proceedings. Applying to graduate engineering programs at usc slideshare. University of southern california usc ranking, courses, fees. Once accepted to usc you can choose whatever major you want, including.

We have 186 tenuretrack faculty, with 96 endowed chairs and professorships. Materials science usc viterbi mork family department. Complete all upperdivision units in your major and minor. Epstein institute, our department is uniquely positioned to be the thought leader in. Complete writ 340, a minimum of two core literacy ge courses, and any. New unique academic department focused on space engineering at usc.

There is no longer an internal transfer process for new students. At usc, you can study an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, science, animal ecology, environmental management or environmental science. The information at the links below is intended to summarize the. Doctor of philosophy in biology tracks in bioscience, marine biology, or environmental science. Master of information and communications technology usc. We want to provide you with all the tools and flexibility you need to succeed as an engineer. Graduate programs usc department of biomedical engineering.

Not available to international students on a student visa. The bachelor of engineering civil honours may be awarded with honours. Previous degree in computer science, mathematics, computer engineering, informatics, andor information security undergraduate program. A minimum of 28 units is required for the masters degree. Study in engineering and science university of the.

The msf program is a fulltime residential program, taking place on the usc campus. Provides an overview of the computer science and engineering degrees. The usc viterbi schools systems architecting and engineering program provides graduate engineers and engineering managers with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary for conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and managing complex systems. As an msemt student, you will learn how to lead technology projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies. Usc is an excellent school for human resources management. Fill out the information below to learn more about the university of southern californias online gis graduate programs and download a free brochure. Mann institute for biomedical engineering and a wide range of industrial consulting activities. Msce structural engineering about the master of science in civil engineering msce structural engineering deals with analytical and experimental studies of the behavior of structures e. The universitys full nondiscrimination policy can be found on the web at policy. The emphasis is both on the processes by which complex. The programs accelerated nature is a costeffective option for people considering a graduate degree. Academics the usc viterbi school of engineering is comprised of eight academic departments and several programs serving approximately 2,700 undergraduate and 5,900 graduate students.

For this reason, and because communication skills are highly valued. Communication is vital to scientific and technological progressengineers must communicate their findings to other engineers, managers, government and policy experts, and the general public. The last four units must be completed at usc four units transferred from another engineering school can be approved for credit by the department two thirds of the units must be taken at the 500level or above. Total unit amounts correspond to individual master s degree programs. Welcome to the engineering writing program at the usc viterbi school of engineering. For graduate engineering and computer science current tuition is as follows. Also, viterbi has essentially the same admission rate as usc, so applying as an engineer gives you no disadvantage. Master of science in mechanical engineering usc viterbi. Astronautical engineering encompasses the dynamic and cuttingedge fields of advanced science and space technology. Ms in industrial and systems engineering usc viterbi. Students usc viterbi department of computer science.

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