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Then we tried the pgx digital 900mhz system with shure sm58 mic and bingo. Up to 2400 selectable frequencies across an ultrawide 60 mhz bandwidth provide superior capability to respond to changing or unpredictable rf conditions. J10 602620 mhz shure blx24 wireless system with pg58 microphone h9. Uhf type approved and emc approved systems are eligible to carry the ce marking. Shure wired uhf pro audio dynamic microphones systems for. Shure blx wireless systems combine professionalquality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Up to 22 shure uhf wireless systems can be operated simultaneously within the 800 830 mhz band if using the discontinued uhf mb versions, or a combination of mb and mk2 r2 versions.

Slx wireless system specifications full compass systems. Shure handheld wireless mic system with beta 87a j1 554. Up to 22 shure uhf wireless systems can be oper ated simultaneously within the 800830 mhz band in a single installation. Indicates the uhf tv channel in which the system is operating u.

Introduction to wireless microphone systems download pdf shure. Wireless system masters the high pressure and extreme conditions of any largescale touring or installation while delivering uncompromising audio. Consult your national authority for possible requirements. Ulx standard uhf systems represent a break through in performance providing multiple system configurations and limitless options, each with a choice of legendary shure microphone transmitters. Great deals on shure wired uhf pro audio dynamic microphones systems. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. The fcc divides vhf into a low band 49108mhz and a high band 169216mhz. Shure in chicago, illinois in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits. Licensing of shure wireless microphone equipment is the users responsibility, and licensability depends on the users classification and application, and on the selected frequency. Wireless system blx user guides shure publications.

The uhfr wireless microphone system uses the latest wireless technology, delivers outstanding. Wireless systems guide for antenna setup english shure. Since the uhf band covers a much larger range of frequencies than vhf, 14 wave antennas can range anywhere from 3 to 6 inches 715 cm in length, so using. Please contact shure brothers incorporated if you need additional infor. Uhf wireless system specification sheet tl1057 cb 2003 shure incorporated uhf series wireless top wireless technology engineered for the most demanding touring environments and installations. Shure uhfr wireless feature overview the uhfr wireless microphone system uses the latest wireless technology, delivers outstanding audio clarity, and is rugged an d reliable. Lowband vhf is filled with cordless telephones, walkietalkies, radio controlled toys, television channels 26, and assistive listening wireless systems. Up to 19 shure uhf wireless systems can be operated simultaneously in a single installation using the frequency compatibility groups. With multiple system operation and interchangeable components, uhf systems also offer a choice of single or dual channel diversity receivers. Your uhf synthesized true diversity system may also optionally include a da5l uhf antenna distribution amplifier. Using multiple frequency bands, over 75 compatible systems can be used. With 2400 selectable frequencies across 60 mhz of bandwidth, uhfr provides up to 40 simultane ous compatible systems per band.

Selection and operation of wireless microphone systems shure. The company became a consumer and professional audioelectronics manufacturer of microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, and digital signal processing. We were plaqued by uhf interference and tried several different uhf wireless mics including the shure blx88 and two different sennheiser systems without success. Blx series wireless system with 2 pg58 handheld microphone transmitters and blx88 dualchannel wireless receiver h10 band. It is easy to set up and operate with advanced features for professional installations.

It is a miniature earset microphone for virtually invisible operation in stage performances. Offering up to 20 compatible systems in a single installation, slx smoothly integrates into houses of worship, lecture halls, conference rooms, and mobile gear cases. Uhfr incorporates automatic frequency selection, transmitter sync and smart menudriven system functionality for intuitive and fast setup. Most wireless mics today operate in the various unused portions of the broadcast television bands, including both vhf and uhf channels. Uhf receiver designs where the received signal frequency. Over 1400 selectable, preprogrammed frequencies are available, and automatic frequency selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel. Wireless mics come in a range of styles for different purposes. Shure strongly urges the user to contact the appropriate telecommunications authority concerning proper licensing, and before choosing and ordering frequencies. The shure uhf wireless system is designed for maximum flexibility and versatility in a variety of applications. Rf tuning step size 25 khz, varies by region image rejection 70 db, typical rf sensitivity. Slx ulx qlxd ulxd uhfr sm87a a sensitive vocal mic that features a smooth, tailored response for a warm, accurate sound.

Shure blx1288p31 dual channel wireless microphone system. Shure blx24rsm58 wireless handheld microphone system h9 band. A ministerial license to operate this equipment may be required in certain areas. Uhf wireless systems offer unprecedented flexibility and versatility. If there are uhf television stations present within the band, the number of compatible channels for any application. Shure uhf pro audio dynamic microphones systems for sale. Features include automatic frequency selection, transmitter sync, and audio reference companding. We take a look at how to best set up shures svx wireless microphone system.

Wireless system shure the guitarist uhf audiofanzine. Good condition and price is for the complete system. Shure blx uhf wireless mic system sm58 handheld vocal performance mic with blx4 receiver. To set up a wireless mic system, youll need three main components. This is a short video that takes you through the basic set up of a shure slx wireless microphone system, which offers innovative setup features such as. Ultra high frequency band, delivers the highestquality sound available in any wireless system. This pll synthesized wireless microphone system operates in the uhf band frequency, with two groups of four frequencies. Shure uhfr wireless microphone system buy now from 10kused. Allows user to monitor and control multiple shure uhf receivers from. Make offer shure blx24rb58 handheld wireless system with b58 microphone. Up to 31 uhf mk2 systems can be operated simultaneously within the 800 830 mhz band. This manual covers the function and operation of the wireless microphone system. These systems have a much bigger range of frequency.

The uhftv band unused television channels in this range are available for wireless microphones and other wireless audio devices. Ulx1 bodypack transmitter with a lavalier microphone, instrument adapter cable, or headworn microphone or a. The folks at shure are certainly no stranger to our industry. Shure groupchannel, audio level, ab antenna diversity, rf levels squelch control shures ua888 networking interface system is available as an option to supplement your shure uhf wireless system. The microphone is the instrument that converts sound waves into electrical signals. Shure svx288pg58 dual hand wireless microphone system. Shures rugg ed slx uhf wireless systems more than deliver with innovative setup f eatures, exceptional wireless clar ity, and legendary shure microp hones. Overall frequency response depends on wireless system. Unlike other wireless systems, shure uses a variable companding ratio that responds to the audio level eliminating wireless artifacts and substantially increasing.

It is easy to set up and operate with advanced features for professional installations requiring multiple wireless microphone systems. Trade shows, housesofworship, auctions, lectures and much more. Shure blx288pg58 dual channel wireless handheld microphone system h10 band. Thank you for purchasing this audiotechnica product. Rocksolid engineering and unparalleled rf performance provide sound professionals with all the features and flexibility they need to tightly control up to 160. The uhfr wireless microphone system uses the latest wireless. System specifications rf carrier range 174 216 mhz, 470 865 mhz, 1492 1525 mhz, 1785 1805 mhz, varies by region working range 100 m note. Wireless systems wireless microphone options interchangeable mic heads are compatible with all shure handheld transmitters with the exception of blx and glxd.

Please read this manual carefully before operating the atone system. Sensitivity and tone quality is also excellent and every bit as good as a wired mic. Up to 11 shure uhf wireless systems can be operated simultaneously within the 774 782 mhz band in a single installation by using frequencies from any one of the groups 1 8. This item comes with a countryman e6 unidirectional microphone. The blx1288p31 dual channel combo wireless system is part of the blx wireless systems family. Actual range depends on rf signal absorption, reflection and interference. It can be used to split one pair of antennas to multiple receivers and amplify the rf signal to compensate for the insertion loss. Uhf wireless system compatibility guide each of the primary groups groups 19 contains multiple channels which are all compatible with one another. Vhf, or very high frequency is a range of radio frequencies between 49 and 216m hz. The most critical broadcasts and live events in the world rely on axient digital wireless to provide maximum stability, control, and audio quality. Shure regularly assists in wireless frequency selections ofa.

Shure pgxd24sm58x8 digital wireless microphone system. Wireless mics and similar devices are designed to tune and operate on certain frequencies known as spectrum bands. Uhf wireless system specification sheet uhf series. Shure uhfr wireless user guide english shure publications. Shure incorporated is an american audio products corporation.

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