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The sansamp will be ok as a preamp, i prefer my vtbss pedal tone to my marshall bass amps preamp, and use the amp through the fx return to bypass the preamp. So im, looking to invest in one of these babies, means ill be able to axe my odb and will also be handy for most of the gigs i do as i generally get did straight to the board, so running my di from a sansamp means ill get a nice, ballsy foh sound. Like the little brother, the sansamp rbi provides a vast range of traditional and modern bassampsounds, including pushing overdrive sounds that you would not expect from a bass preamp. I dialed in the fliptopstyle settings and the heft and punch of the electric uprights notes filled the room, as if i was playing through a b15 on. Mxr bass blowtorch sansamp bass driver di to compensate for the lack of warmth of the sound which in essence is mostly a matter of taste. Im a fellow newb, so take this with a grain of salt. The 1u rackmount sansamp rbi is a pumpedup, expanded version of the popular sansamp bass driver di pedal. It is particularly useful with acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and upright bass, either direct to a mixing console or with an instrument amplifier.

What settings do you use with the sansamp bass driver. The sansamp allows me to get the tone and definition i want from the cheapest rigs to the most outrageous, while always getting the exact tone that i need for the gig. Liam wilson has been the bass player for the band the dillinger escape plan since the autumn of 2000 and is a former bass player of the bands starkweather. This is a direct box too, so the best option for live shows and record in the studio. At this price point, it is a solid value and remains of the best dis on the market. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in nonretail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See who uses aguilar tone hammer preampdirect box, including davie504, dallon weekes, paul. Only one person in this entire thread mentioned sansamp. The sansamp bass driver di can be used as a preamp or stomp box with you existing stage rig.

I use a phil jones bass rig and while it is amazing, it is a little too clean for most of the music i play. Gets rid of line noise, and makes the bass tone much easier to control when plugged into a console mixer. Fender geddy lee jazz bass w 62 pickups tech 21 sansamp gt2 tech 21 sansamp bass driver di on the gt2, the settings are. Jun 15, 2017 a di box, such as the sansamp bass driver di or the sansamp character series vt bass di both noted above, provides electrical ground isolation between input and output, and matches impedance of the source to the load. It is great for any style of music, from rock to funk, country and everything else in between. The lowestpriced brandnew, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. A shamefully overlooked pedal is the sansamp vt bass. You can pull a ton of really different tones out of it and it has has a fatter, more thickly voiced distortion that the. This is an analog piece of gear that has 14 connections for an input and two parallel outputs, and it also has an xlr output.

Everybody and their mama has used one of these at some point. We are not authorized to ship tech21 products outside of the united states. The difference between v1 and v2 is that v2 supports 5 and 6 string bass much better, with the ability for the processor to extend control to those lower frequency registers. Vle and vpf filters provide a more sound, for the work and customize it beyond what is permitted by the equalization or a possible preamp. Using the footswitches you can instantly recall 3 custom presets for different sounds. Unable to get that super fat sustained bass sound i hear on rock recordings everday. It does everything you think it does, and ive dialed in 6 really usable tones, from light, transparent overdrive, scooped metal, tonedestroying fuzz, etc. Nov 24, 2019 the sansamp bass driver di was particularly designed and voiced for the bass guitar, and while it has di in the name, its pretty much a fully functional preamp pedal. I would be appreciative of any input from owners sharing their favorite settings for their style. The sansamp bass driver di should be a must have for any metal bass player. Sansamp bass driver deluxe musical instrument amplifier pdf manual download. You can also plug in to a power amp or conventional bass amp and a pa system simultaneously. Bass di shootout darkglass, sansamp, ebs all about the.

On the earlier albums i produced, like the french extreme metal act kaizens second album sink or swim, i obtained good results from using a guitar ampcab simulator, such as the sansamp psa1 again, or the sansamp gt2, for this channel of heavily distorted bass. Tech 21 sansamp programmable bass driver di zikinf. Ive used it often, as well as the bddi, in a variety of settings, both as a preampdi, as a recording unit, and as a preamp for a poweramp. I look forward to gigging and recording with the sansamp bass driver di version 2. What bass tones can you get from a sansamp bass driver di. Programmable bass driver ditech21 built convincing tube loose and versatile guitar preamps already with the sansamp, when one still linked modeling exclusively with claudia schiffer and co the tech21 programmable sansamp bass driver di is far more than just a di box. Buy tech 21 pbdr sansamp programmable bass driver di. The output is a little low and you may benefit from another pedal in line to boost from instrument level to line level and drive the amp a bit harder. Its the ubiquitous blackyellow sansamp bass di box, says it may actually help with my guitar tone even though its primarily designed for bass.

This is an analog di that can be powered by a nine volt battery, an ac adapter, or by phantom power. In addition to drive, presence, and active bass and treble controls, the sansamp rbi has a dedicated mid control and an xlr output. Tech 21 nyc, sansamp, midi mouse, midi moose, bass driver. Much more than just a direct box, the sansamp bass driver di is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. As the name implies sans amp or without amp the bass driver di was designed for bass players who ditch the rigs and go directly from their pedal board to foh front of house. You can make tiny adjustments to raise the sensitivity of dynamic influenced effects like envelope filters or delay, or you can just use it to as a clean boost again, not recommended when using the di.

With 6 presets, effects loop and di, this became a musthave. Tech 21nyc the makers of the sansamp bass driver d. View and download tech 21 sansamp bass driver deluxe manual online. Boldly go live with just your bass driver di straight into the pa.

Boss me50b multieffects guitar effect pedal for sale. And while thats not considered a proper way to emulate those specific tones, the point is that without that much effort, you really can recreate fairly convincing famous bass tones using just the sansamp and a jazz bass. The sansamp bass driver is much more than just a direct box, the sansamp bass driver di is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. The most fantastic of this pedal is the blend knob, wo am talking about if you are looking for that big and heavy sound like cannibal corpse, behemoth, lamb of god. Featuring individual bass, treble, and presence controls, you can tone shape to your hearts desire. It excels at adding in a little bit of grit to your signal but higher gain sounds are quite loose and a bit harsh. Final impressions the sansamp programmable bass driver is an all around useful pedal. Tech 21 sansamp bass driver deluxe manual pdf download.

The sabddi is very popular because it emulates an ampeg svt very well. Bass effect character series, bass preamp pedal, 3 outputs. Besides the owners manual settings, i havent had opportunity to experiment in a live band setting. I plugged an ns design nxt electric upright into the vt bass di at a salsa show, engaged the 20 db and speaker simulator switches, and ran the signal straight to the board with no bass rig. Compare to bass drive pedals tech21 sansamp bass driver di ver2 vs darkglass microtubes b7k ultra demonstration song. The original bass driver di aka the bddi on forums and social media is a true classic in the bass world. Tone shaping for any signal source with a drive control, footswitchable bypass, and sansamp circuitry. Tech 21 sansamp character vt bass di thomann united states. Bass pedal effects, electroharmonix nano bass big muff pi, boss geb7 bass equalizer, electroharmonix bass mono synth bass synthesizer, boss oc3 super octave, tech 21 sansamp bass driver di version 2, electroharmonix the mole, aguilar grape phaser, ebs tremolo, electroharmonix crying bass, boss odb3 bass overdrive. Quite a noticeable scoop on the drive sound which you can balance with blend and the mids control. I play all genres, so im really interested in what you play and what defines your sound. The best bass guitar effects pedals guide youll ever see. Hey guys well ive just received my sansamp bassdriver di and i was wondering how i can get a tone similar to justin chancellor from tool or some timm. Aug 02, 2017 i have used it in all the above settings for larger or outdoor venues i run direct to pa through my trusty sansamp tech 21 3 channel programmable di and have been extremely pleased with this setup.

The tubeemulation and optional soft saturation via the drive circuit made it capable of anything from subtle tone shaping to radical changes of expression. Built primararly to be a direct interface, which it does well, it goes well beyond the scope of any normal di box. Tech 21 sansamp character series vt bass di sweetwater. An extremely friendly and helpful forum for bass players. Currently, i use the sansamp bass driver di in an alwayson fashion in front of my amp. I find them a little overrated, but i have to admit theyre popular for a reason. Hartke hpba2 bass attack 2 preampdirect boxeq pedal for. Ampeg scrdi bass di preamp with scrambler overdrive. Sounds can be created on the fly by adjusting the pedals drive, eq, and level controls, which, when combined with the sansamp amplifier emulation, provide a wide array of tonal choices to cover. The problem i find with the sans amp is that the drive sound is based around the svt with the mud button in which is the worst way to use an svt in a band setting. Im a home recorder without a bass amp so going straight into the interface from the sansamp. Lets take a closer look at this classic eq, tube emulator and di box. Tech 21s sansamp has been around for many years and has gained quite a reputation.

This article introduces you to four bass dis, each with a little something extra for tone shaping possibilities. Tech 21 sansamp programmable bass driver di pedal pbdr. While larger than our other sansamp pedals, the programmable bass driver di still fits into a gig bag. Sansamp bass driver di sansamp programmable bass driver di sansamp programmable bass driver di deluxe sansamp vt bass deluxe behringer bdi21 aguilar tone hammer sfx m. Overall rating product summary evaluation shortlist tech 21 sansamp character series vt bass di mesaboogie subway bass dipreamp pedal. I cant do the ampmic setup at the moment so i told him ill gladly take it and see what happens, mostly to help with overdriven guitar tones. Bolster your bass tone with a tech 21 sansamp bass driver di v2 preampdirect box pedal. The 9 best bass preamp pedals the definitive 2020 guide.

Condense your bass rig into a stombox with the sansamp programmable bass driver di pedal by tech 21. Tech 21s sansamp bass driver di is an awesome little box that offers both the flexibility of a direct input box, and the sound and control of a pedal. This video i showcase the sans amp tech 21 bass driver di box v2. Tech 21 sansamp character vt bass di thomann united arab. Ive got a sansamp bass driver tech 21 nyc and bought a rb1 rack version of the same just now impulsively. I use mine when i need a preeq di and most of the time all the knobs at 0 so it. Amp recording output with speaker simulation di output, 3band eq, power supply via 9v battery or with power supply not included suitable power supply. Which speaker size projects best for a bass player when. Aug 11, 2012 the sansamp vt bass pedal is killer for died bass tracks, the dirty tones are stellar in it imho. Bounce into any studio with a programmable bass driver di and plug directly into the board. Tech 21 sansamp bass driver v2 di manual settings demo.

Personally i have never had good luck with doubling bass tracks, as in playing the same thing twice with different settings like you do with guitar tracksi always end up with combfiltering i cant seem to make sound right. I use the sansamp bass driver di to dirty up my sound, giving me a great tube amp tone with all of the goodness that the phil jones rig has to offer. D4 mxr m80 ehx bass metaphors hartke bass attack vxl seymour duncan paranormal radial bassbone ebs microbass 2 feel free to add any i may have missed. I recently got a sansamp bassdriver di and when i first used it i was very happy. Summary of contents for tech 21 sansamp bass driver di page 1 after expiration, manufacturer will repair unit for a fee. The vt bass di can be used as a standalone bass preamp to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a pa system, with the rich sansamp cabinet emulation that sounds huge even straight into a computer soundcard. Tech 21 sansamp bass driver v2 di bass guitar effects pedal much more than just a direct box, the sansamp bass driver di is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. Tech 21 sans amp bass driver di box v2 demo stay metal ray stay metal ray.

Or plug the sansamp vt bass di pedal into your bass rig to take your tone somewhere special. The sansamp is a great bass preamp for plugging straight into a pa system or for when youre uncertain how someone elses amp is going to sound at a gig. Tracking with it has been going great so far, but one warning use the parallel output to send a dry signal to a second track. You can pull a ton of really different tones out of it and it has has a fatter, more thickly voiced distortion that the bddi. Tech21 sansamp bass driver di ver2 vs darkglass microtubes. I also think it has more grind and would suit metal players, whereas the original has a more retro sound.

Tech 21 sansamp bass driver di manual sample settings duration. The sansamp bass driver di was particularly designed and voiced for the bass guitar, and while it has di in the name, its pretty much a fully functional preamp pedal. This is a great pedal for the eq and for the di to take on gigs or church performance. However now when i blend towards the drive blind turned clockwise i get a constant sound playing but no sound from my bass. The tone hammer to me is quite simply an oustanding piece of gear. If you dig vintage ampeglike tone simulation, this is the one you want. Reddit s loudest and most intune community of bassists electric, acoustic, upright, and otherwise. I switched to the sansamp bass driver a few years ago and loved it. Bass preamp and recording amp the rack version of bass driver d. I use my old 74 fender jazz rewired in 76 with sunrise pickups by pat murphy and tim shaw. The sansamp bass drive 2 di preamp by tech 21 is there a second version of this series. I can answer a lot of questions about this if you ask. Rigtalk view topic is it possible to get a good bass.

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